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Dirctors of Jiangsu Grain Bureau and Nanjing Grain Bureau visited our company

In November 2018, Xia Chunsheng, director of the Grain Bureau of Jiangsu Province, and Xu Zhenzhong, dirctor of the Grain Bureau of Nanjing, came to our company for visit and guidance. The directors of Grain bureaus, accompanied by Zhang Xinmin, chairman of Nanjing Yangzi Grain & Oil Food Processing Machinery Co.,Ltd, visited the factories and production workshops of Yangzi Grain Machinery Company and Litian Food Company, and observed new products and equipment on the spot.

During the seminar, Chairman Zhang Xinmin introduced current business situation, strategic planning and objectives of enterprise development, and product innovation of enterprises, and played the multimedia videos and slides about the brief introduction of our company and our products. The directors of Grain Bureaus expressed their satisfaction with the operation and development of Yangzi Grain Machinery Company and Litian Food Company as well as their social and economic benefits. In particular, they fully appreciated the research and development and innovation of noodle-making equipment, which had been focused on Intellectualization and automation for more than 40 years.