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Technique and Equipment Features of Fresh Stretched Noodle Complete Set

Fresh stretched food complete set produced by Nanjing Yangzi Grain & Oil Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. is internationally advanced high-end flour product production equipment mainly featured by vacuum dough making technology and photoelectric control technology. The set of equipment mainly comprises vacuum dough making machine, belt curing feeder, composite roller, continuous roller and automatic control system. The whole production line has reasonable process design, excellent equipment manufacture and high automaticity, and the parts of all equipment that contact flour products are made of 304 stainless steel or other food grade materials, so the finished products have high quality, safety, sanitation and reliability.

The dough making process of the equipment uses HWJZ series vacuum dough making machine with national patent independently developed by our company, and the whole dough making process is conducted in a wholly-closed vacuum state to make protein molecules of wheat flour rapidly and sufficiently absorb water, promoting sufficient forming of gluten matrix structure, greatly reducing free water during protein molecules and obviously improving the compactness of dough. Therefore, the made flour products are smooth and chewy, and the soluble matters are reduced during cooking and don’t mix in the soup.

Besides, the equipment can achieve automatic quantitative water injection, automatic lid opening and closing, automatic overturn and unloading and automatic vacuumizing, variable frequency double speed (high-speed water and flour mixing and low-speed dough kneading) and adjustable speed, and the dough making time can be set according to process requirement. All operating procedures and steps can achieve automatic PLC program control.

The kneaded dough enters SHD belt curing feeder. The equipment can fully achieve standing curing of dough, and can supply materials to composite roller automatically, continuously and uniformly by a photoelectric control method. The belt curing feeder has good curing effect, little material residue and convenient cleaning.

The patch formed by composite rolling is made into patch with required thickness through continuous rolling, and can be made into high-quality fresh stretched noodle through slitting and cutting.

The whole set of rolling equipment has reasonable rolling ratio design, and the whole rolling process achieves full-automatic intelligent control through photoelectric switch and frequency control. The whole set of roller has multiple scram buttons, effectively ensuring the safety of operators; the equipment uses hard tooth surface gear motors with low noise and long service life.

The cutoff device of the equipment also adopts variable frequency control, and can determine the weight of each portion of noodle by setting noodle length.