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Yangzi Participated in 2019 Bakery China Exhibition

Bakery China is a leading global exhibition of baking products and services. It is one of the most famous professional exhibitions in the field of food processing in China. The 22nd Bakery China Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from May 6 to May 9, 2019. Yangzi Machinery will use this exhibition as a platform to publicize and promote new products and services developed by the company in recent years. In this exhibition, a set of new full automatic MT8-430 fresh noodle production equipment and noodle products with different specifications were displayed. The whole production process of fresh noodles from wheat flour input to finished noodles packaging was demonstrated on the spot, and the noodles tasting for professional users were also provided. During the four-day exhibition, the exhibition booth of Yangzi Machinery attracted numerous visitors, and the Yangzi staff always communicated with the exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience. Professional visitors and exhibitors have a deeper understanding of the Yangzi brand and products of Yangzi noodles through the demonstration of equipment and the tasting activities of noodles products. They have expressed great interest in the noodle equipment displayed by Yangzi and the Litian noodle products. This exhibition, while promoting and publicizing our company's products, has also conducted friendly exchanges with colleagues through this exhibition, made many new friends, learned about the latest market in the food processing industry, broadened horizons, and will also bring new opportunities for the future development of enterprises!