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Dough Rolling Machine Expert—Pursuing Excellent Quality, Creating World Brand

Nanjing Yangzi Grain & Oil Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation private share-holding enterprise professionally producing flour product equipment. Located in Nanjing in developed Yangtze River Delta, the company has 40 years of history in manufacturing flour product equipment, and is a leading enterprise in domestic flour product equipment manufacturing industry and one of China’s manufacturers engaged in flour product equipment manufacturing at the earliest.

Our company has solid R&D and manufacturing capacity and rich management experience, and mainly produces seven series and over one hundred kinds of electrical and mechanical integration products, including fresh noodle production line, semi-dry noodle production line, fine dried noodle production line, instant noodle production line, Udon noodle production line, quick-frozen dumpling wrapper production line, and vacuum dough making machine. We can provide you with all-around first-rate services like process design, product manufacturing, equipment installation, personnel training, and so on.

Pursuing excellence and satisfying customer is our service tenet. For decades, our company has insisted on independent innovation, shouldered the task of developing China modernized food industry as its own responsibility, and devoted to R&D of various noodle processes and flour product facilities and providing sophisticated equipment for the enterprises to produce high-grade flour products. Especially since 2000, the company has taken the lead and launched the third generation of new flour production line which is marked by vacuum dough making technology and photoelectric digital control technology and has been used by well-known domestic noodle manufacturers (COFCO, Shandong Wheatsun, Chenzhou Yuxiang, Jiangxi Chunsi, etc.,), fresh and quick frozen product groups (General Mills, Synear Food, Shanghai Tramy, Zhengzhou Duofuduo, etc.,) as well as high-end flour product manufacturers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Russia and other places. Thus, China’s flour product processing technology and equipment have ranked the world advanced list and have been successively praised by China Food Technology Association, Jiangsu Provincial Government and Nanjing Municipal Government.

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