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Technique and Equipment Features of Low Temperature Fine Dried Noodle Production Line

1.Flour Supply System:

The automatic flour supply system conveys raw flour to metering device (generally equipped with batch scale) in a form of pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying. The flour after weighing and metering supplies materials to two dough making machines through a flour supply auger. The starting and stopping of the whole flour supply system achieve automatic control through work signals of the dough making machine. It greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the production efficiency, continuity of production process and production environment!

2.Dough Making, Curing, Rolling:

The dough making process comprises a saline stirring device (equipped with fluid container), a quantitative water supply device and two dough making machines, the whole dough making process has accurate water supply, good system continuity and high automaticity, and the made dough has excellent quality. Particularly, when equipped with HWJZ series vacuum dough making machine with national patent developed by our company, the whole dough making process is conducted in a wholly-closed vacuum state, and the water added during dough making is no less than 30% of flour gross to make protein molecules of wheat flour rapidly and sufficiently absorb water, the dough has large soakage and low temperature rise, and the gluten matrix is formed sufficiently. Therefore, the made flour products are smooth and chewy and don’t mix in the soup. Besides, the equipment can achieve automatic water injection, automatic lid opening and closing, automatic unloading and automatic vacuumizing, variable frequency double speed (high-speed water and flour mixing and low-speed dough kneading) and adjustable speed, and the dough making time can be set according to process requirement. All operating procedures and steps can achieve automatic PLC program control.

The kneaded dough is automatically fed to composite roller after 5-10 minutes of curing, the dough after composite rolling enters the dough curing machine for 10-15 minutes of curing and is made into the dough with required thickness through continuous rolling, and the made dough enters the drying room after slitting, rod lift and racking. The whole process achieves full-automatic intelligent control through photoelectric switch and inverter, and has simple operation. The assorted equipment has reasonable design, reliable quality, high safety performance and good process effect, the rolling equipment has reasonable rolling ratio design, the composite part is equipped with wiredrawing roll to ensure good feeding effect, and other parts can be equipped with plain-barrel roll or corrugated roll according to process. The whole set of roller has multiple scram buttons and safety protection levers, effectively ensuring the safety of operators; the equipment uses hard tooth surface gear motors with low noise and long service life.


After the noodle enters the drying room, it is sheared by a shear, the generated wet noodle ends can be continuously and uniformly conveyed to single-shaft U-shaped curing machine through wet noodle end recovery unit, reducing the worker number and labor intensity, achieving timely return of wet noodle ends, and avoiding moisture loss because of too long interval to affect process effect and product quality.

Our drying system has the following features according to user factory and site conditions:

1. It adopts single row double chain migration method and C profile steel translation conveying mechanism, so it has high strength and good sanitary condition because of unexposed driving chain.

2. The main drive mechanism has single row double chain track and double circuit engineering plastic track, reducing migration friction and ensuring more stable migration.

3. Variable frequency speed regulation: The pole span can be adjusted as required, fitting process requirements for producing noodles in various specifications.

4. It has four temperature zones, effective drying length of about 400-450m and drying time of 5-5.5h, and the temperature and humidity can achieve automatic control, reducing operating difficulty, influence of human factors on product quality and energy consumption of unit product, and improving product quality and finished product rate.

5. Heat supply and moisture exhaust system can achieve automatic control: The heat supply system can set temperature range according to temperature zones, the sensor in the drying room feeds the acquired data back to the control system, and the control system can automatically adjust the opening and closing of thermostat valve; the moisture exhaust fan can adjust the speed through the inverter according to humidity data of the drying room to achieve automatic control.

6. Besides, our company can reasonably design moisture exhaust and air supplement system according to factory conditions to ensure timely moisture exhaust and sufficient air supplement.

4. Cutting off and Packaging

The dried noodle is cut by a cut-off machine, the finished noodle is conveyed to the weighing and packaging machine through a noodle conveying appliance; the broken noodle ends can be initially fragmented by a dried noodle end fragmenting device and conveyed to a fragmented noodle end grinder through an air transport collecting system, and the returned flour can enter flour supply system for adding in proportion.